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Pull up

The back is the body's largest muscle group, the complexity of its muscle structure is absolutely amazing for you. How long a person training, almost can be seen from his back; a wide back can make your size looks more bulky, men practice back will give a sense of strength, a woman practicing the back will make her change Be more sexy; the back is a demarcation line, it novices and experts distinguish, if you want to cross this line, then you must practice your back wide and large. Back as the largest muscle group is worth your effort to pay, it will make your shoulders appear wider, at the same time will your spine set care more.


Due to the large number of muscles in the back, a hair force need to mobilize a lot of neurons to control the muscles to participate in hair force, so the consumption is relatively large, which is helpful for many fat loss friends; Say, the back is like a carbon, if there is no intake of carbohydrates for a day, then the body function will decline, the mood will become worse; muscle if you do not exercise back then you simply can not be a Fitness enthusiasts, the saying goes, "Tiger Bear waist", in order to be more powerful body, it is more substantial back training it. Today's back training program is a back training program for IFBB professional athletes, let's look at the differences between training for professional athletes and our usual training.


Pull up

As a golden back training exercise, is definitely the first appearance. Pull-up start point higher, many people may not be able to complete, then you can use the elastic to bring auxiliary or find a fitness partner to help, pull-up is not just pull on it, we need to ensure that the standard action Sex, can get a good back to the back, we have to tighten the scapula, and then shoulders sink chest while looking up, the upper body slightly tilted about thirty degrees, is conducive to the latissimus dorsi more hair force; we want to avoid the action process Flipping oneself through inertia or body sway is meaningless, unattainable, and a waste of energy, so it is important to do a one-on-one action.

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